AARP Tax-Aide TaxYear 2023

  • SOCIAL SECURITY CARD OR CURRENT ITIN LETTER for all members of the family — not an option — this is a requirement

  • BRING Photo IDs for each Taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable) and birthdates for all family members
  • BRING Your 2022 tax return
  • BRING Voided check if you want direct deposit of any refund – a deposit slip is not acceptable
  • If taxpayer purchased health insurance through the Marketplace/Exchange, BRING Form 1095-A
  • BRING Any IRS letters to the Taxpayer

Bring all of the applicable tax documents listed below (see note at bottom of the list):


Wages W-2
Social Security SSA-1099
Railroad Retirement RRB-1099
Bank/Broker Accounts
Interest 1099-Int
Dividends 1099-Div
Stock Sales 1099-B also bring stock purchase records
Pensions 1099-R
Partnership/Trust (Int, Div, Royalty) K-1
Unemployment 1099-G
State Tax Refund 1099-G
Gambling Winnings W2-G (and losses if itemizing)
Other Income 1099-Misc/ 1099-NEC
Credit Card Debt forgiveness 1099-C

Credits & Deductions

Receipts or checks for: 

Health Insurance Receipt/ Total
Eyeglasses/Hearing aids Receipt/ Total
Prescription drugs Receipt/ Total
Sales tax on new auto purchase Receipt
Property Tax 1098/ Reciept
Unreimbursed child/ dependent care expenses Receipt/ Total
Mortgage Interest 1098
Mortgage Insurance 1098
Charitable contributions Totaled list
Non-cash contributions Receipt/donee info
Education expenses (tuition, books, etc.) 1098-T and receipts
Estimated State Tax payments Checks
Student Loan Interest 1098-E

This list is for your benefit in preparing your tax return. It is not intended to be a complete list of the records and/or documents needed to complete your individual tax return.