AARP Tax-Aide TaxYear 2022

  • SOCIAL SECURITY CARD OR CURRENT ITIN LETTER for all members of the family — not an option — this is a requirement

  • Photo IDs for each Taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable) and birthdates for all family members
  • Your 2021 tax return
  • Voided check if you want direct deposit of any refund – a deposit slip is not acceptable
  • If taxpayer purchased health insurance through the Marketplace/Exchange, Form 1095-A
  • Any IRS letters to the Taxpayer


Wages W-2
Social Security SSA-1099
Railroad Retirement RRB-1099
Bank/Broker Accounts
Interest 1099-Int
Dividends 1099-Div
Stock Sales 1099-B also bring stock purchase records
Pensions 1099-R
Partnership/Trust (Int, Div, Royalty) K-1
Unemployment 1099-G
State Tax Refund 1099-G
Gambling Winnings W2-G (and losses if itemizing)
Other Income 1099-Misc
Credit Card Debt forgiveness 1099-C

Credits & Deductions

Estimated payment information, both federal and state.

Receipts or checks for: 
Unreimbursed child and/or dependent care expenses.

Health Insurance Receipt
Eyeglasses/Hearing aids Receipt
Prescription drugs Receipt
Sales tax on new auto purchase Receipt
Property Tax 1098
2018 State Income Tax paid in 2019 Receipt
Mortgage Interest 1098
Mortgage Insurance 1098
Charitable contributions Totaled list
Non-cash contributions Receipt/donee info
Education expenses (tuition, books, etc.) 1098-T and receipts
Estimated State Tax payments Checks
Student Loan Interest 1098-E

This list is for your benefit in preparing your tax return. It is not intended to be a complete list of the records and/or documents needed to complete your individual tax return.