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AARP Tax-Aide volunteer counselors are trained to assist in preparing basic tax returns.   Please check the list below before calling for your appointment:


  • 1040 with Schedules A, B, and D
  • Schedule C within limits (sole propietor, expenses do not exceed $25,000, no employees, no inventory, net profit only/no losses, no depreciation, etc.)
  • Schedule EIC and EIC Worksheets
  • 1099-Misc (box 7 nonemployee compensation is reported on Schedule C)
  • 1099-Misc (box 1 or 2—rents, royalties, reported on Schedule E with no expenses, depreciation)
  • 1099-Misc (box 3 other income is reported on 1040 Line 21)
  • 1040-ES (Estimated Payments)
  • 2441 (Child & Dependent Care)
  • 5405 (Repayment of FTHBC)
  • 8283, Section A, Part 1—non-cash contributions to charity exceed $500 but less than $5000
  • 8606 (Nondeductible IRA) Part 1
  • 8880 (Qualified Savings Credit)
  • 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)
  • 8863 (Education Credits)
  • 8949 (Sale or Disposition of Assets)
  • 9465 (Installment Agreement)
  • 8379 (Injured Spouse)
  • 1040X (Amended Returns)*
  • Schedule K-1 that provides information only for interest, dividends and capital gain distributions and royalties (Schedule B, D ,E)
  • Cancellation of credit card debt
  • Health Savings Accounts—Form 1099-SA and Form 8889 *
  • Maryland State returns
  • Military returns*
  • Out-of-state returns (for states other than Maryland)*
  • Reconciliation of Healthcare Premium Tax Credit

* Military returns/Amended returns/HSA/other than Maryland state returns:  Only counselors who have been specially certified may prepare out-of-state returns, amended returns, or those with HSA issues.   If this is your situation, be certain to mention when you call for an appointment.

Under the Volunteer Protection Act, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers must stay in the scope of the program and do those returns for which they have received training.  In no instance will a counselor complete a return for which he or she feels they do not have adequate training or knowledge.