Taxpayers with complex tax returns or whose incomes exceed established income guidelines will be advised to seek paid tax assistance. 


  • Complicated Schedule C (Business Profit and Loss) (expenses exceed $25,000, result is a loss, employees, depreciation, office in home, inventory, etc.)
  • Complicated Schedule D without proper paperwork (Capital Gains and Losses)
  • Schedule E (Rental Property) with expenses, including depreciation
  • Schedule F (Farm Income)
  • 2106 (Employee Business Expense)
  • 3903 (Moving Expenses)
  • 8615 (Minor’s Investment Income)
  • Portions of Schedule As and Bs that are not included in our training
  • Schedule K-1s that involve depreciation or deductible expenses
  • Other rental income or business income
  • Returns (original or amended) for years prior to 2015

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